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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Minnesota Sports Chat From Fargo: Game 1 Loss to Green Bay Packers

Well it was a tough 1st loss for our beloved Minnesota Vikings in Lambeauas the Vikes were beaten in a squeeker 24-19. After sifting through the Viking Update Blog and listening to KFAN's fan line I am quite disturbed. I know that we lost and losing to the Pack is always tough but was I watching a different game than everyone else.
First off everyone is being way too critical of Tarvaris Jackson. After having a rusty start to the game he really seemed to settle down after half and got us back into the game after the punt return by Blackmon. He could've easily mailed it in but he didn't. He showed me something that alot of our fan base doesn't have and that is heart. He may not always use his head the best and he may not always be the most accurate but at least he plays hard and with heart. Qualities I have seen in quarterbacks of the past such as Doug Williams and Steve McNair. I know I hate to compare him to fellow african-american qb's but he is very comparable to these two in the fact that he came from a small division 1AA school as each of these did. Now both of these qb's played in super bowls and Williams won in the only one he played in. So this gives me alot of hope in Tarvaris Jackson. I have seen alot of improvement from his game from the 1st time I saw him until tonight. Believe me we have to be patient with him and the win now attitude will be tough to overcome but it will payout in the longrun.
Also there seems to be alot of criticism on how we didn't get any pressure on Aaron Rodgers, well as far as I could tell he had to run around in the pocket alot. Rmember this isn't Brett Favre we are chasing this is Rodgers who is a much more athletic quarterback than Favre was. Sure he may not throw the daggers that Favre did but this guy can mover around in the pocket quite well and will scrambe for yards when needed.
Finally the main reason we lost this game to me was ST's and a couple of questionable coaching moves. Now I really hate to be the type that blames coaching for I have been a big Chilly supporter but I was wondering about a couple of things he did during the game. First why before halftime did he not call a timeout with 23 seconds left when the Packers had the ball on 4th down. Now after we blocked the fg we could've ran a couple of plays and who knows maybe we get a field goal which could have changed things in a big way later in the game. Second of all what was Bevell thinking when we ran shotgun formation in the beginning of the 4th quarter when it was 3rd & 1. That call made no sense to me whatsoever. By going into shotgun the offense really limits itself in what it can do. That was a very questionable playcall to me and I felt that was truly the turning point in the game. Not the Jennings catch and not even the punt return by Blackmon but when they ran that shotgun formation on 3 & 1 I was absolutely irrate at Bevell just ask my wife and dogs. But oh well such is the life of an armchair qb, I guess that is why I am just a fan and not a coach.
I will say I enjoyed the game alot and have alot of hope for this team. As I always say it is better to lose the 1st game than it is to lose the last one. Skol Vikings and lets go get them Colts and make em 0-2.

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