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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fargo Hot Talk: Twins have lost another player to a big market.

Well our Minnesota Twins have lost another player to a big market. First it was Hunter to the Anaheim Angels and now we traded away our best pitcher in possibly the history of the Minnesota Twins to the Mets. It is sad to lose him. But this isn't what discourages me the most. We didn't get much for frontline talent. In that I mean we didn't get a player that we could insert into the lineup instantly without worrying if this player will produce or not. I still think we should have been able to get Fernando Martinez in this deal rather than Gomez. Martinez is supposed to be there no. 1 rated prospect. Instead we got the 2nd and 3rd rated minor leaguers plus a couple of pitchers Humber and Mulvey that will end up being 3rd or 4th starters. Now don't get me wrong Gomez is a great defensive player and has a lot of speed but he needs some refinement in the batting department. Guerra the other main cog in this deal has got about 2 or 3 more years before we even get to see him. He is going to be 19 in April and has got considerable upside. Now don't get me wrong he could be a complete stud but he could also be a bust. Now for Mulvey and Humber, these are two guys that could possibly contribute sooner than Guerra. The thing that scares me about Humber is he is still working his way back from Tommy John surgery and if he can be anything like he was before he could become a great pitcher. He was a 3rd overall pick in 2004 so there is definitely some talent there.
Now remember there has been alot of critics of this trade but also remember back in '88 when the Twins traded Viola there was alot of criticism. But look what they got out of that deal. Kevin Tapani & Rick Aguilera who were two major cogs in winning the World Series in '91. I know people loved Johan but would you rather get nothing for him and lose him to free agency. Now there will people out there who say well we had better offers from Boston and New York. But do we really know that the Red Sox and Yankees wanted to actually sell us what the rumors were saying they were. They were all rumored trades and we really don't know if anything is etched in stone. I hope we did the right thing but we won't know if this trade pans out for a couple of more years. There are opinions that we took the 4th best offer and if that is true than I am not very happy about the trade but do we really know that this was the 4th best offer. Who knows what if Johan blows his arm out this year then this trade will look like a steal.
I will say this they made two other great deals last week that we have all suddenly forgot about. First the trade to the Devil Rays for Delmon Young, Brendan Harris & Jason Pridie. Sure we lost Bartlett and Garza but I think we improved by getting Young who is going to be a stud and Harris who is a very solid and consistent player. Also the pick up of Lamb and Everett aren't bad moves either these are two solid players. Everett is an excellent defensive player and Lamb is a solid left handed hitting 3rd baseman who can relieve Morneau some at first base as well. Finally the signing of Morneau and Cuddyer to extensions are great. Now we have got Mauer, Morneau & Cuddyer along with Delmon Young for 3 to 4 years to come so we definitely have a strong corps of young talent to build around. Lets not forget Liriano is back and it sounds like he feels 100% again which really excites me. It should be an interesting season with all of these new faces.

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