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Well Hello out there. Welcome to Vikings Hot Talk. I will be your host Cyrus Bahr. Just to let you in on what I plan to do on this blog, I hope to raise some interest in some of my opinions on the Minnesota Vikings and other sporting issues out there. I hope to get our fan base out there to voice there opinion in a free but tactful way. I hope to generate a little controversy with some of the local columnists like Mike McNegative, aka Mike McFeely. Enough about me. What about you people out there. I want you to voice your opinion. Without you this site will not be possible. So let's speak our minds. Lets talk sports and lets see what people really know out there.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fargo Hot Talk: Why do I read this crap? Enough about McNegative now lets talk about what we really care about.

Why is it for every ounce of positivity there is a pound of negativity. Why is this? Why do naysayers like Mike McFeely have no clue what it is like to be somewhat optimistic? I swear to the great man above that McFeely wallows in a big mudpit of pessimism. He not only likes negativity he thrives in it. But yet optimists like myself continue to read his column throw down the newspaper and state to myself "Why do I read this crap?" Yet the next day I get the newspaper and I decide to read is pessimistic column again. I have met McFeely before as a bartender at a local pub. I will say this he is just as much of a jerk as he comes off to be in the newspaper. He also played on a city league basketball team that a team I played for played against. Guess what? He once again acted like a jerk. He acted like those he rips on in the newspaper. Not only is he a pessimistic but he is a jerk and a hypocrite. Why did I write this you may ask. Well in today's forum (April 2nd, 2008), he writes how after a Twin 9-1 loss the Twins are back to reality. So after two games one in which we won, he now justifies his predictions and says that they will lose 86 games. I wish predicting baseball was that easy. There are 160 more games to play in which injuries do tend to be a large factor. Sure we lost 9-1 but it was to an Angel team that usually gives us fits. There will be days like this that is for sure and to figure that now the rest of the year is tanked is ludicrous.
Enough about McNegative now lets talk about what we really care about, Twins Baseball. Well it was a tough night for the Twins in all aspects hitting, pitching and fielding. I doubt this is a foreshadowing of things to come but with the youth of this team there will be games like this. It all started early when Boof was giving up doubles of the baggy like there was no tomorrow. He was keeping it up more than Peter North in a porn video. Sometimes I really have my doubts about Boof. He has the stuff to be a great strikeout pitcher but he always seems to leave too many pitches right in the batters wheelhouse. I do think that if Baker didn't have the flu that he would be the #2 starter. I really am hoping that Blackburn shows his stuff today and the next start so that when the Twins do call up Liriano that maybe just maybe they will think about either trading Boof or putting him in the pen where I think he would be bette suited.
Also what is up with Justin Morneau. Ever since the all star break after he competed in the Home Run Derby he seems to have caught a case of the Bobby Abreu's. Abreu didn't snap out of that Derby slump of 2006 until the 2nd half of '07. I hope this isn't what is going on with Morneau because the Twins can't afford him to have another half season like the 2nd half last year. I think once Cuddyer and Mauer get rolling that this Twins team could really have one heck of a lineup. Delmon Young and Gomez have already showed me what they can do I just hope the M&M's and Cuddy will as will. Go Twins!

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